Brixton Boundaries
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Let’s break boundaries.

Brixton Boundaries is an installation by local design/architecture studios AWMA and Squire & Partners, which explores Brixton’s unique experience of boundaries.

Recognising that boundaries form part of our everyday experience, we set out to identify which helped us to feel secure and which form barriers to growth and inclusion.



08 June - 16 June

10:00 -17:00 Admission: FREE


Downstairs at The Department Store, Squire & Partners, 248 Ferndale Road Brixton SW9 8FR

Please enter into Squire & Partners' reception


A boundary crossed.

We held a workshop with the local Brixton community, to explore ‘Boundaries’, this year's theme for London Festival of Architecture, and gain ideas and thoughts to put together for our ‘Brixton Boundaries’ exhibition.

Watch the video below for highlights of the day:

How much does the moral compass define and lead boundaries?
— Workshop Participant
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Put your thoughts on the map.

We’ll regularly be posting updates from the Graffiti wall in our exhibition. If you want to add your own, please come to the exhibition and share your thoughts on boundaries.

Keep a lookout for updates…


You have to remember that you have to share the streets, coffee queue and tube platforms with everyone here and they have just as much right to be there as you.
— Workshop Participant
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